1. The Policy

1.1 This Health & Safety Policy Statement has been prepared to comply with the requirements of Section 2(3) of the Health & Safety at Work, Etc, Act 1974 (HASAW Act).

1.2 The Company’s Policy is to carry out its operations at all times in such a way to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its employees and other persons who may be affected by the operations.

1.3 Implementation of the Policy is a management responsibility and is regarded as a normal part of efficient working.


2. Objectives

The objectives of the Policy are to achieve the following:

2.1 The prevention of injury to all persons who may be affected by the Company’s operations.

2.2 Compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act and all other relevant Acts and Regulations.

2.3 To ensure that provision is made in estimates for effective procedures, safe methods of work, compliance with relevant Health & Safety legislation, relevant codes of practice and requirements for reasonable welfare facilities.

2.4 To ensure that all employees are adequately trained for the work they are required to do.

2.5 To ensure the adoption of safe working practices and methods of work at all times, with proper regard to relevant Codes of Practice.

2.6 To reduce accidents by analysing causes and treads established from effective investigations and reporting procedures.

2.7 To ensure co-ordination of working activities with other contractors working on the same site.

2.8 To ensure the provision and maintenance of safe plant and working conditions.


3. Organisation & Arrangements

3.1 The Policy is the direct concern of the Managing Director who is accountable for the formulation of the Policy.

3.2 The management of safety is regarded as a live responsibility and every Manager, Supervisor and Operative is responsible at the respective level for ensuring compliance with the Policy and for safe working within the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and other relevant legislation.

3.3 The Company will provide supplementary information in the form of written procedures and instructions as necessary.

3.4 At each office, contract site or other work place the Senior Company Representative is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s Safety Policy and Procedures are observed.

3.5 Safety Representatives appointed by a trade union are expected to assist in implementing this Policy within their individual terms of reference and in accordance with regulations.


4. Allocation of Responsibility

In addition to the accountability of the Managing Director (as set out in 3.1 above) the responsibility for implementing this Policy and the achievement of its objectives is shared as follows:


4.1 Managers (plus Supervising Engineers)

4.1.1 Each Manager (plus Supervisor) is accountable for the overall implantation of the Policy within the areas of activity under his/her control.

4.1.2 Managers (and Supervisors) will set objectives and priorities and will devise action plans to improve safety performance.

4.1.3 Managers (and Supervisors) will ensure that the Policy is effectively implemented by the personnel under their control, and will arrange for regular assessment of hazards, accidents and their causes as part of the normal management function.

4.1.4 Managers (and Supervisors) will insist upon effective implementation of Company procedures for reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences and will ensure that such incidents are properly investigated and that suitable preventive action is adopted.

4.1.5 Managers (and Supervisors) will remind employees of their personal duties, as set out in sections 7 & 8 of the Health & Safety at Work Act.

4.1.6 Managers (and Supervisors) will set an example by wearing safety helmets and other protective equipment as appropriate, when visiting sites.


4.2 Foreman & Charge Hands

Foreman and Charge hands must understand and act upon the Company’s Safety Policy and in particular must:

4.2.1 Ensure that the operations under their control are conducted in accordance with relevant regulations, codes of practice and Company procedures/instructions.

4.2.2 Incorporate safe working instruction in all routine job instruction.

4.2.3 Ensure that all accidents and dangerous occurrences are investigated and reported in accordance with Company procedures.

4.2.4 Ensure that all employees under their control are kept informed about hazards arising from their work or the environment in which the work is carried out, and are reminded of their personal responsibilities under section 7 & 8 of the Health & Safety at Work Act.

4.2.5 Discipline, in accordance with procedures, any employee who fails to consider the safety plus health of themselves or any others who may be affected by their work/actions.

4.2.6 Ensure that suitable plant, machinery and tools are provided and that effective arrangements are made by their maintenance.

4.2.7 Set a personal example by wearing appropriate protective clothing/equipment.


4.3 Operatives & Apprentices

Operatives and apprentices have a statutory duty under section 7 & 8 of the Health & Safety at Work Act to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

They are expected to co-operate with the Company in its arrangements to fulfil its statutory health and safety obligations and in particular must:

4.3.1 Use only the correct tools, equipment and methods plus the proper manner, and make use of protective clothing, equipment and devices where provided.

4.3.2 Report immediately to the Foreman or Supervisor any defect in plant, tools or machinery; or hazards arising from materials or the environment of the work place.

4.3.3 Report immediately in accordance with Company procedure all accidents and dangerous occurrences whether involving personal injury or not.

4.3.4 Exercise personal concern for the health and safety of themselves and others.


5. Sub-Contractors

It is Company Policy that its operations are carried out at all times in a way, which will ensure the health and safety of its employees, and other persons who may be affected by the operations. Accordingly, any work, which is the subject of a Sub-Contract, shall be carried out by the Sub-Contractor in compliance with this Policy, the HASAW Act and other relevant provisions, as listed in Schedule 1 of the Act.


6. Personal Protective Equipment

It is Company Policy to protect from injury all employees of the Company and to this end, Safety helmets are issued to each person for its use on all sites. Safety boots/shoes and Overalls are to be purchased by each employee and the Company will reimburse an allowance upon providing a receipt.

Goggles, gloves, visors, Wellington boots, waterproofs and any other PPE will be provided upon request, providing that the request is reasonable and appropriate.


Last Reviewed: January 2016, Chris Eyley Director

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